The young entrepreneur’s circle of people – their influence

Chistiane Jensen Experience, Investment

If you have a heart and mind of a young entrepreneur, you sure are a loner. You have a great idea of a project. You have thought everything through. But the thing you lack is your circle of people. Why?

Here is some advices from Casper Ravn-Sørensen on why you need a team of people that are focused on the same goal.

The knowledge

Of course that you have the knowledge around the area you are interested in. Being an entrepreneur means being a professional in a field you enjoy. But:

  • Do you have all the knowledge needed for managing your own finance?
  • Are you interested in communication with your consumers?
  • Or just in your product’s technicalities?
  • Do you know how to handle your marketing strategy?

You need professional knowledge in all these fields of business. And, let’s be sincere. You cannot handle everything by yourself. That is why you should gather your own circle of people who will be willing to help you with some parts of your business you are not an expert in.

Team spirit

You have your own thrive and desire. That is of course, one of the most important things for the business you are going to drive. But team spirit is priceless in entrepreneurship.


Because you are not able to create great things unless you have a team of people gathered around the same goal. Your business cannot bloom unless you let other people invest their knowledge and their ideas in it as well. It’s actually the case that the ones that thrive in today’s business ecosystem are those people that actively seek and secure support, advice, mentorship, feedback or coaching from within and outside of their companies. That means that every person in your team is a part of your company’s ecosystem and provides the part of themselves. In that way, your business is just going to be richer. And closer to the consumers.

Finding the meaning

As you are just starting your own business, of course you have a meaning attached to it. But after all, we are humans. We seek support and advice. If you share your desire and your idea with people whom you can trust, you can just gain more psychologically. If you show that you are ready to share and be close, your product or service is just going to gain more quality. The main thing that makes us humans is the connection. The ability to connect with almost anybody on earth through tenderness, listening, commiserating and compassion. It is not enough to help other people; you should be able to let other people help you as well. Finding the meaning in these basic relationships is one of the most important things in leading a business.

“You have to find those people that will compliment your skills. A long-term business requires a strong team with the same passion for work, that are self-driven and ambitious to work on achieving your dreams,” says Casper Ravn-Sørensen, an angel investor and a mentor of young entrepreneurs. “Building up a team that will compliment and motivate each other, and push each other hard in achieving settled goals. I believe in building up that company culture, and the team and in keeping them motivated is what makes this path to success the best one.”

If you need any advice considering your business strategy or your idea, feel free to contact Casper Ravn-Sørensen on social media as well.