Is your startup ready for AI – find some answers here

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In recent years, the Internet has changed the business world in so many ways that it is almost hard to keep track. The newest innovation that is taking the world by storm are chat bots.

If you are new to this, don’t worry, Casper Ravn Sørensen is here to tell you about chat bots and how you can use them in your line of work.


What are chatbots?


Chatbots are systems that, to an extent, use artificial intelligence to communicate with clients. There are two basic categories of modern chatbots:

  • rule-based chatbots and
  • artificial intelligence chatbots

The first type responds to simple commands, while the artificial intelligence bots respond to human language (interesting, right?). Some examples of chatbots include Siri, Cortana and Android assistant.


So by now, you might have realized that you do know what chatbots are.

But why were they created in the first place and why would you use them in your business?


Firstly, chatbots are extremely useful in reaching potential customers. Almost all Internet users spend the majority of their time on messaging apps and are not eager to download more apps that are specific to every company they need to reach. With chatbots, this problem is solved as they allow you to do business through messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram. Therefore, chatbots give you access to millions (even billions) of potential customers worldwide, which I believe is a strong argument in favor of bots.


How can they work for you?


If your company sells products, such as, say, handbags, chatbots can improve customer experience tremendously. Integrating a chatbot in your business will allow your customers to simply message you and ask for a product directly. They no longer need to browse the Internet, find your website and search through all your products in order to find the model they want. All they need to do is send a short message. Most importantly, a chatbot is designed to mimic the experience your customer would have with a retailer, so everything seems less artificial and more human-like.

Chatbots have a wide range of uses, they can tell you the weather, manage your schedule, pick out and order groceries or deliver the latest news directly to your phone. With this many potential functions, you should have no trouble finding a use for chatbots in your line of work.


How to optimize a chatbot?


While chatbots are surely useful, I would advise you to optimize them before use. They do rely on technology, but they also need human support. Hire great writers, they will be the best investment in your business as they are responsible for adding a human touch to the interaction. Writers should script chatbots to reflect the identity of your company and understand your typical client better.


Is your business ready for artificial technology?


AI can be a great boost for your business and I would certainly recommend using one as they are still fairly new and feel modern and cool. It is these qualities that your business can truly benefit from. That said, be aware of all the limitations that chatbots still face and make sure that chatbot is an extension of your website and not a full replacement. As artificial intelligence grows and expands, so will the uses of your chatbot.


Remember, it is always good to stay ahead of the game, Casper Ravn-Sørensen would therefore advise you to consider experimenting with this new technology. For any further questions, feel free contact him or read more blog posts here.