Remote workers and their initiative – tips by Casper Ravn-Sørensen

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Are you a young entrepreneur that is just starting a company? Do you have enough professionals in your surrounding? Or have you found someone out of town? Or even out of country, that can help you in establishing your venture?

Here are some tips from Casper Ravn-Sørensen if you are thinking whether you should hire remote workers or not.

Open up to new challenges

Being an entrepreneur requires you to be open for communication. To be eager to solve new problems and face new challenges. Hiring remote workers can be something that is new. Even though it exists for years now, it is hard to know that you will be hiring a person who is not in your close surrounding. But you should accept it as a new challenge on your way and embrace its good and bad sides. You will never know what can come out of it!

Make them know they are trustworthy

If you put a lot of doubt into your working environment, you aren’t going to get the needed results. It doesn’t matter whether your co-workers are working from the office space or remotely, you have to build up the trust among everyone. Maybe the best idea is to combine office working hours together with remote working hours. But if it is not possible, try to eliminate doubt towards the workers whom you cannot see are working. Toggl can serve as an obligatory tool to keep track on working hours of your co-workers.

Organize team buildings

It can be hard to work remotely if you do not know who you are working to and who you are working with. That is why it is important to involve team buildings in your HR strategy. Those team buildings could include all the team members gathering at some very different place or town. In that way, when everyone is back into working day routine, the communication through Skype or some other medium for business will be more easy-going. People will get to know each other and they will trust each other more. That is the kind of working environment you should nurture in your company.

Choose wisely

Of course, before you get to hire someone, you will have to check whether that person is capable of working remotely. There are two types of workers:

  • Those who love working remotely and are self-motivated individuals
  • And those who are more into team spirit and working in an office with colleagues

You can try and make certain tests during the job interview in order to grasp what kind of person you are talking to. But you will never be 100% sure.

The truth is, if you are a young entrepreneur ready to conquer the world, you should be ready to experiment. If you need any answers regarding remote workers or anything else related to entrepreneurship, feel free to contact Casper Ravn-Sørensen.