How To Increase Gender Equality

Chistiane Jensen Experience

It’s the 21st century, but unfortunately, we have not yet reached gender equality in the workplace. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to encourage diversity within your company.

Your efforts might be the key to increasing gender equality in your company, which is quite an accomplishment.

Don’t know how to achieve this? Here are some of the tips:

Increase gender equality on the board of directors

You need to start with yourself and with the people leading the company. If you have a board of directors, it would be great to work on including more women, so that there is a ballance. The top earning members of your team are the best reflection of all your employees, so it’s good to start from the top and work your way to a more diverse business climate.

Educate your team

Another thing you can do is educate your employees. Not everyone will be accepting of the changes you want to introduce. However, gender equality is not to be discussed, it is an extremely important goal for your company and those who don’t understand it need to learn about the values of diversity. The best thing to do this is to provide them with resources and knowledge on the subject.

Don’t allow a pay gap

This one is up to you. As a CEO, you need to determine the salaries based on your employee’s position and not gender. You should never allow situations where your female employees receive less than their male counterparts. What kind of message would this send? Everyone who does the same job must receive the same paycheck!

Don’t discriminate (future) parents

While recruiting and later while managing your team, you should not discriminate people for wanting to have a family one day or for being parents. Companies that offer better conditions for maternity (or paternity) leave and that encourage their employees to take time off and be with their families are the companies that don’t have problems with gender equality.

React if there is harassment

This one may seem obvious, but let’s say it again. You should always react to any indication of harassment of any sorts. If someone is discriminated or attacked because of their gender, the CEO should be there to protect them. A company that ignores harassment claims can never have a truly gender equal environment! And, of course, no company should help bullies thrive, everyone should feel respected at all times.


As you can see, reaching gender equality is not an impossible task. You and your entire team should work on this important issue in order to be the best company possible. Gender equality should have been attained decades, even centuries ago, but unfortunately, there is still a lot to be done. Let’s solve this problem now and never have to think about unequal opportunities again!

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