How to work smarter and not longer when running your business

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As statistics show, most young business owners put in significantly longer hours than the average worker. While it is understandable that running a business does take up more time, you should still stop and wonder how many extra hours are enough.

Casper Ravn-Sørensen believes that success is not measured by the amount of hours you’ve spent working, but by how efficient you were. This means you should work smarter, not longer. In order to help you make your time in the office more efficient, there are some questions you should ask yourself and some helpful answers:

What does my business need?

The first question you need to ask is what your business really requires you to do. We are sure that have taken up some tasks that are seemingly good, but are doing anything for your company? For example, if you spend all day checking your social media or reading every single email you get in real time, you might think you are working hard, but you’re just doing one thing all day. Yes, communication and promotion is important, but you should limit it to a certain time of day and not let it consume all your time. If you check these platforms once every 15 minutes, you won’t be able to do anything else all day. You need to prioritize and determine what you should do to keep your business on track without wasting hours and hours of your precious time.

What can I do without?

The next question is all about unnecessary tasks as well. But while you should limit your time spend on social networks and not cut it out, there are some tasks that are of no use at all. Evaluate all that you do and determine if there are some things that have become more of a habit than a need. This sort of task can be easily eliminated from your schedule making time for more important issues.

How can I manage my time better?

Once you’ve determined what tasks you can eliminate altogether, you will still need to do a lot of work on a daily basis. This is why you need to try to manage your time as best as you can. Think about your priorities and do them first. Don’t waste to much time on relatively easy tasks. And most importantly, make time for yourself. Several studies have shown that entrepreneurs tend to leave insufficient time for their own wellbeing. What this creates is just a less productive individual. If you spend 15 hours in the office, this doesn’t mean you can get more done. With a good timetable, you can work more efficiently than with extremely long hours.

What can a computer do for me?

One way to prioritize is also to delegate some portion of your tasks. It’s the 21st century, ask yourself if your computer can replace you sometimes. The answer is surely yes! You can have chat robots that communicate with your customers instead of you. This does not mean that a machine can completely replace you, but you shouldn’t be afraid of letting your computer answer some FAQs. You’ll see, this can make a huge difference. You can also set up a publishing schedule, which means you can get all your social media activity done in one day and let your computer publish it throughout the week. While these are simple tasks, it’s incredible how much they can improve your working hours.

What can my team do?

If you have other people on board, think about delegating some work to them. You are the one running the business, but you do not need to do everything on your own. Having a great team around is the best thing you can have. Give them some work, trust them, if needed, teach them how to take on more tasks. By sharing a portion of the work to be done, you will all work smarter and will get home from work a lot sooner. Splitting work is extremely important. If you have issues with trusting your team with daily tasks, you should work on it because your team is your main asset, you need to trust them!


As you can see, working longer will do nothing for your business, but working smarter sure will. Trust yourself, trust others, prioritize and stay organized, these are the keys to success!. You’ll see, making some time for yourself while running a successful business is not impossible, it just requires some adjusting!


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