Fewer working hours – more business done?

Chistiane Jensen Experience

Do you work hard? Yes, you do? Let us rephrase that. Do you work hard or do you work long hours? These two are not the same thing.

Don’t believe us just yet? Let us explain all of this.


Traditionally, in the Western society, we believe that hard work and long hours are the norm. Therefore, we often consider long hours as the main element of success. If you share this belief, you’re in for a surprise.


The first argument

that can refute the idea that long hours equal success is linked to health. An important study from 2015 has shown overtime increases risks of stroke and cardiac problems. In Japan, working overtime has become the norm, but this habit has proven to be lethal as several Japanese in the 2017 alone have died from exhaustion linked to extremely long office hours!


The second argument

is linked to productivity. A large year-long study funded by the Swedish government has shown surprising results. During the experiment, certain employees in several different positions worked 6 hours and received their usual 8-hour salary. Did the shorter work time decrease their productivity? No! Quite the contrary! Their have shown to have either the same results or even better results than their counterparts that worked for 8 hours.


How is this even possible?

Well, first of all, if working slightly shorter hours means that your employees are more healthy, this will result in them taking less time off. Secondly, they have more time for themselves which makes them happier and more fulfilled. A happier employee will have more energy and be more productive, despite the hours.


Now that you are aware of these findings –

what should you as an entrepreneur do?

Casper Ravn-Sørensen would advise you to give this idea a try. If you can achieve high levels of productivity and have significantly happier employees, there is no reason not to change your office hours. Sometimes, everyone will need to stay overtime, but if most of the time you and your team can work for a reasonable amount of time and get the work not, why not make the most of it. In the world of business, your goal is to have results, so don’t think too much about the number of hours, think about the efficiency and you will reach success!


Still not convinced? Contact Casper Ravn-Sørensen or visit his website https://casperravnsorensen.me/ and learn more about business from an insider point of view. You will realize that there are many myths about business that a young entrepreneur like yourself should not support.

Working long hours is one of them!