You can fly freely as a new company in Denmark with a little help from Facebook

Chistiane Jensen Social media

Use Facebook to grow your business? Risk taking is a part of the game.

When Facebook was first launched in 2004 it became a blast after a few years. Now, almost everyone has Facebook. There are 1.86 billion of active users of Facebook today. And counting.

It is harder now to make a profile that would stand out, especially in business purposes. The situation is a lot different than it was in the beginning of the social media expansion. The ever bigger use of Internet made people to think of various ways in which they would present themselves and their idea.

But you shouldn’t be afraid of those numbers.

A risk-taker

Show the world that you are willing to take a risk. Why would you care if there are so many Facebook profiles and advertisements? It is your idea that matters and it is on you to push it through. I promise you, you will regret if you don’t do anything!

Casper Ravn-Sørensen, the angel investor advises:

But in order to benefit from using Facebook, each business owner has to understand the actual value of social media platforms. Is not only about posting content once in a while, it’s not as newspapers. It’s about communication and interaction with people, and trying to engage each other, in this way you will attract new customers that will eventually promote you further. I believe that’s the best part of using Facebook, if you work hard and find a way to reach out to your audience, they will promote you further and eventually help you attract new ones without your involvement.

Constant movement

Not only that everything is about making your idea move forward. It is also about the general movement of ideas, communication between customers, and yourself. Be able to know your market first, and then try to think of the best way to make your customers want to learn more every day from you. Remember that, the way you respect yourself and your customers, you shouldn’t hold back to criticism. Don’t be afraid of someone talking bad things about you and your mission. Know your goal and explain it to the world, and not just explain. Make customers feel what you feel about your product.

If the project can grow profitable, get it out and work it on – even if you make mistakes; those mistakes will teach you valuable lesson.

On that way Casper wants to point out that it’s precisely the bad feedback you would get your biggest teacher, and the tool that would make your idea even better.

Facebook is a great platform for businesses to grow. It’s a great opportunity to make online sales, increase awareness of your brand, create a platform/community of customers that can discuss your product and get reviews, feedback. You can use the platform to improve your website visibility among people, which leads to increasing number of new customers. If you are familiar with all their tools created specifically for business purpose, you can get even more benefits out of it. It’s great that Facebook is constantly improving and adding business tools, features that could optimize your business page.