3 simple tips on how to get and maintain loyal employees

Chistiane Jensen Experience

For every young entrepreneur, having the best team possible is the top priority. So what does your ideal employee need have in order to be on your team?

  • What does every leader look for in his team?
  • What qualities are appreciated in your company?

One word answers all these questions – loyalty. If you manage to have loyal employees, you’re one step closer to success.


So what should you do to get loyal employees?

Here is what Casper Ravn-Sørensen would advise you to do:

Be careful during the selection process

When hiring new people for your team, you should be prepared and look for qualities that fit in with the profile of a loyal employee. Look for things like his previous experience, how long the candidate stayed at other companies and how motivated he is to work for yours. If you select the right candidates from the beginning, it will be easier to develop loyalty as you go. Staying for longer periods of time at previous companies can be a sign of a loyal candidate. Also, if your business fits well with their desires and aspirations, chances are they will be more loyal.

Invest in your employees

Loyalty can be developed as you work with your team. If you want to have loyal employees, you need to make sure they are satisfied at your company and, above all, that they feel appreciated. This is why you should invest in them. Give them opportunities to grow and learn, opportunities that they might not have access to on their own. From time to time, you can pay for their seminars, conferences and other programs that will allow them to grow as individuals and professionals. Your team will value this tremendously!

Give well-deserved promotions

People have expectations and aspirations, it’s your job to fulfil them to an extent. If you want loyal employees, you need to give them room to work their way up within your company. Nobody wants to stay at the lowest position forever, so if they don’t have possibilities to grow at your company, they’ll look for that elsewhere. You will develop loyalty by offering well-deserved promotions. This means you should not promote them too often, but they need to know that they can level up and that their hard work will be appreciated!


As you see, there are some ways to make sure your team is loyal to your business. If you as a leader surround yourself with the best people and offer them a great environment, they will be loyal to you. That’s all there is to it – the more you work on improving the overall business climate at your company, the more your team will feel good about staying by your side. With a positive attitude and great work ethics, your employees will value your leadership and they will show it by being loyal to you!


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