Mindful eating and meditation – is it actually for busy entrepreneurs?

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If you are a young entrepreneur, you are ready to or already faced with fast paced lifestyle it brings. You have to sleep just 6 hours a day, you are not able to get yourself together. You are drinking a huge amount of coffee to keep yourself concentrated.

Did you ever hear about mindful… Something?

Mindful meditation, mindful eating, mindful lifestyle?

You, as a busy entrepreneur, would normally think that these sort of stuff aren’t for you. If you lead a busy life with many responsibilities. Eat when you can, you rarely make breaks on your workplace, and you sleep just for the sake of sleeping. In order to improve your lifestyle and to keep various 21st century diseases attack you, you should consider these few tips for living a better life.

  1. Do one thing at a time – slowly but completely

Yes, there are some things that should be done in a rush. But thinking that everything should be done fast and in time makes a certain pressure to you and your team. In order to make the atmosphere more chill and better for everyone’s health, you should take a break, take a deep breath, and do everything on the list, but for a nuance slower. In that way, you will see the difference, and truly understand why it is important to complete the tasks, but completely. We are accustomed now to finish our task as if we were robots, the most important thing is to finish things on the list. But it brings more quality to the work being done, the mere fact that we have put our mind into the whole process and that in that way, we added value to it. If you are making a startup, it is on you and your team to organize your working place and the environment, why not make the best of it?

  1. Rituals matter

This is where the mindful eating should appear. How do you eat? In which way? Do you just grab the first thing you have in your refrigerator? Or do you go to a nearby restaurant to get a quick snack? And then you maybe starve until the end of the working day and eat in the late hours.

We have all been there! But do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Do you sometimes feel as if you don’t have enough energy to get up, non the less to do some important work you should be doing?

Yes, of course you do. And that is because you are not putting your mind into your eating process. You are not aware of what you have eaten today. Not to mention yesterday, or the day before yesterday.

The practice of mindful eating has helped a lot of people achieve more than they could before.

And what is it exactly?

Mindful eating means actually concentrating on what you are eating, and in all the senses it provides you. Since a lot of people do not have enough time to practice mindful eating 100%, you can start by using some of the advises listed below:

  • Turn off the phone and your laptop while you are eating – try to concentrate on the food placed on the table and all the flavors it has. It is important to listen to your body while you are eating and to know when you have had enough. Nevertheless, if you have some device turned on, you wouldn’t be able to devote yourself completely to the food you are consuming.
  • Eat slower – even though you are in a hurry, it would mean a lot if you would take your time for at least one meal a day, to eat it as you should. In that way, you are complementing your body, your body knows and is aware of what you are putting in your mouth. Take your time, it can be a certain ritual, either during the day or in the mornings, to practice mindful eating. Take time for yourself, and make it as a thing for your team as well. You are not aware of the positive vibes and things waiting for you!
  • Get to know what you actually eat – maybe you can hire a person that can cook for the team, some nutritionist. But it would be better for you to start caring for what you are eating, for what ultimately makes you alive. Right? Read what it says on the package, the thing you are buying, what does it consist of? The bread you are eating, is it whole grain? Maybe you do not see it right now, but after a while, you will come to realize the benefits of taking care of the food you are eating.

You can even try and make cooking a part of your meditation process and mindfulness.

  1. Live simply

As Casper Ravn-Sørensen would say:

As an entrepreneur, you have to be prepared to work without getting any financial benefits. It can take a long time until you see profit in your account. Until then, it is just you, your dreams and all your effort and ambition you invest in long working days. I believe this is a great stimulant to move faster. This makes you put more effort, work harder, think strategically and be determinate to take risks. You must understand that your own capabilities are not enough. You have to find those people that will compliment your skills. A long-term business requires a strong team with the same passion for work, self-driven and ambitions to work on achieving your dreams. Building up a team that will compliment and motivate each other, and push each other hard in achieving settled goals. I believe building up that company culture, that team and I believe that keeping them motivated is what makes this path to success the best one. Of course, the feeling of accomplishment and each result you bring in the company has its own impact as well. 

What is essential to you?

They key to that is simply realizing the fact that, if something is not 100% necessary, you can live without it. Making room for the essential things and turning off all the things you have questioned. For example: “Why am I still having this if it just takes room” or “I am not even using it”. Or simply, not being in contact with toxic people and with people you do not have any contact that brings quality and peace to your life.

If your entrepreneurial idea, if your project and your team are essential to you, then you should follow that dream and the appreciation will follow says Casper-Ravn Sørensen.

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