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Do successful people spend more money on things or experiences?

Chistiane Jensen Experience

When you see all those successful people in business suits and cars, you come to think that being successful means saving money for things that would show that you are successful. It’s the newest car, the newest phone, clothes and watch that will make you look and feel appreciated and serious businessman. But it’s actually not true!

You have probably read the article about a millionaire who shouts out to the millennials how they should stop buying avocado if they want a dream home. But, is the dream home what millennials actually want? What is the most important thing that you would like to have? Yes, it is completely understandable that you would likely have a roof above your head. But isn’t it true that you are able to rent some place at any place in any time?

You never know where you will live

It’s 21st century and everything is fast paced and is changing constantly. If you are a young entrepreneur or are making a startup, who knows? Maybe at some point, a new market will come up and you will be, not forced to move, but will want to move someplace else. And what are you going to do with the house you just bought? Pay a person to clean it? Or have a person to live in the house that you made for yourself, risking that he/she will destroy something valuable of yours. It is a huge investment and why bother for now. Isn’t it better to save that money and spend it on some trip, vacation. Or for some startup development?

One of the enemies of happiness is adaptation. We buy things to make us happy, and we succeed. But only for a while. New things are exciting to us at first, but then we adapt to them, says Dr. Thomas Gilovich

But the thing with experiences is that they are always new. Even if you are a person that is constantly crushing the comfort zone of your own, there are still hundreds of things waiting for you, that you haven’t experienced yet. That is one of the greatest things about experiences. It’s always something new, there’s always something unexpected, and it is not with you all the time like all those material things.

Hard to throw away

It is hard to let go of something that brought meaning to your life. Maybe it is some birthday present of yours, or your grandma’s necklace. But when it comes to critical situations, such as moving to another apartment, or some natural disaster, we are likely to give up on all of the material things that we once had and that we couldn’t be apart from. On the contrary, what stays with us even though we have to throw away some material belongings? Experiences! That is why it is more important to find the experiences you think will open you up more and bring joy to your life. If we do not do it, and if we stick to materialism as the strongest urge of ours, we are not going to develop any further. In that way we are only trapping ourselves and living in our small world of things and belongings until we realized that we did it all wrong our whole lives.

Consumerist society

As we all know, consumerist society has begun first in the beginning of the 20th century and has flourished ever since. People are constantly working on making things necessary, and we do believe in the fact that, most of the things we possess actually are needed and important. But are they really? You will survive without the newest gadgets and without the huge house you will finish paying off for years.  Now, as a startup founder, and a young entrepreneur you are, you should use your communication skills and your money to get the experiences you need for your business development.

What about traveling abroad?

Do you have the fear of the unknown? Well, it’s maybe an irrational question. Today, with the internet access we have, and virtual access to all the places on Earth basically, hardly anything is actually unknown. But it’s not the same, watching the documentary about diving, and traveling to Bali and getting diving lessons and a diving license. Right?

So get on the airplane, move your butt and start working on improving yourself!

The most beautiful thing is meeting the locals and engaging in various activities with them. In that way, you will become faster and stronger, you will know how it is when you are not in charge and not in your field of knowledge. And that is what a true entrepreneur should have. A great entrepreneur should know when he lacks knowledge, but should also be ready to face it and learn anything that is in front of him. And to learn it fast. The only thing you should carry in your mind wherever you go is the sentence – No fear!

Social interaction and giving

Us humans are by nature social animals. We differ because we have an urge to interact with people. To show interest in someone else’s life, to have an empathy and to be interested in having any kind of social interaction with people whatsoever. That is why it is more important to invest in experiences of any kind. And to invest in experiences that encompass other people from various environments, that have different experiences than ours. In that way, you will be able to adapt better to any kind of situation that you stumble upon, and you will not only be a better entrepreneur, but a better person overall.

In which way are you able to do it?

Simply by googling your interests, you can see whether there are some new interesting courses where you would meet the people similar to you. And it is exactly in that place that you maybe will find out where do you stand in your interests. Maybe you are better than others and you will be the one sharing the knowledge. But maybe it will happen that you lack something and are ready to learn from other resources. The difference is that you will be much happier by learning something good, than just buying something that will make you happy. That kind of happiness doesn’t last that long and you know it.

Happiness is in sharing.

Happiness is in buying something for others, but not as much to yourself. That is the moment when you are realizing that you are becoming a better person that is evolving in the right direction.

Adapting to globalization

Experiencing various new things and different cultural environments, it is easier for you as a person to adapt to globalization. It will push you forward in that way, that you will be able to grasp what it means being a person that is born in environment not similar to yours, you will learn how to approach to different political and environmental issues. And you will get to know yourself and how different you become by talking to people that are not the same as you are. Also, you will in practice learn at the same time what globalization is. But also what varieties are. In that way you will be able to be a better entrepreneur that is ready to push himself and his team forward towards internationalization. And that is what Casper Ravn-Sørensen appreciates the most in young entrepreneurs and startup founders.

Firstly, I think every entrepreneur, either Danish or not – must be strong, never giving up or being intimidated. It’s a hard world out there, and each entrepreneur should be prepared for that. Maybe the Danish weather makes entrepreneurs here stringer and always ready for the rain. I think you should dream big and have always-high expectations. Especially when it comes to internationalization, it is one of the most important things for me as an entrepreneur, and if you would come and ask for the loan, be ready to make it international because that is what we are going to do together.

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