How to reduce stress in the workplace – 5 tips from a CEO

Chistiane Jensen Experience

Managing a successful business is no easy task and one of the key features of great companies are satisfied employees. While stress in the workplace is almost inevitable, it’s up to the entrepreneur to make sure that his team is facing as little stress as possible.

Why is this so important? Employees who are under a lot of stress are less productive. They are generally more absent altogether due to stress they’re facing while working. As the stress levels at the office rise, the quality of the work done declines leading to an unsuccessful business. It’s up to the leader to ensure the best conditions possible, so here are some tips from an experienced CEO Casper Ravn-Sørensen.

Give your employees certainty

The world of business can bring a lot of uncertainty into the lives of your employees. A good leader should make sure that his team can count on him. He should provide them with viable information and precise deadlines. By giving your team a clear idea of how and when the work needs to be done; you’ll eliminate some of the pressure that they face. The more certain your employees feel about their work, the more confidence they’ll have at the workplace. What should you do to further ensure that your employees feel comfortable with the workload?

Think about giving each of them a precise role in the task in hand so that they split up the responsibility thus minimizing uncertainty.

Reward their achievements

After splitting up the task between your team members and making sure that they feel at ease, the team leader should be careful to reward employees for a well executed job. Most employees feel less stressed when they know that their work will be properly valued. You may praise their initiatives, write a thank you note when they take the extra step to get the job done or give them a financial reward, depending on the magnitude of the project in hand. No matter the reward, the most important thing is to ensure that your employees see your appreciation and support.

Create a strong team bond

While it’s sometimes up to the leader himself/herself to decrease the stress levels at the office; one of the crucial factors in stress management is the team bond. If you want to wave goodbye to stress at the workplace, one of the best ways to achieve this is to teach your employees to help one another. There are several benefits to this approach. One of them being the fact that employees can best understand their own problems and the aspects of their jobs that stress them out. It’s the leader’s job to work on creating a strong team bond. This can be done by doing fun and relaxing activities outside of work hours. Or even by sharing a meal during the lunch break. No matter your strategy, building a strong bond between the members of your team will most certainly result in many benefits. One of them being – reduced stress levels.

Encourage breaks and provide a chill-out space

When dealing with stress at the workplace, Casper Ravn-Sørensen suggests you encourage your employees to take short breaks when they feel too stressed. Taking even a one-minute break can help your employees get their energy back and be more productive afterwards. The leader should be oriented towards results, and sometimes taking a break can make all the difference. If you as an entrepreneur feel that you have the means to invest in stress-relief, you can have a special space at the office created just for relaxation. It may sound unusual to some, but many successful companies such as Google have chill-out spaces that their employees can access to relax, take a break and ultimately get back to work with feeling less stressed and more inspired. Don’t forget that a short break can come a long way!

Be a great example

When it comes to stress relief in the workplace, the CEO should not only help employees deal with the stress. They should also lead by example. According to Casper Ravn-Sørensen, this means above all that a leader should be someone ready to set a good example. A good example on how one should deal with a stressful situation at work. This implies that your team can never feel confident and happy at the office; if their leader is stressed and dissatisfied. You are the greatest example to your employees. Make sure that you keep your emotions under control and that you calmly address any situation that may come your way. By communicating with you, your team will notice how you deal with stressful situations. They will more easily resolve similar situations themselves. Remember, the leader is the reflection of his team!

As you can see, there are numerous ways of decreasing stress at the office. With some work on your part, your employees will feel more confident and less stressed, which will result in a more successful business. If you have any questions or would like to read more on the subject of running a successful business, visit his blog or contact Casper Ravn-Sørensen personally.