The new perspective – 25% success rather than 75% fiasco

Chistiane Jensen Experience, Social media

In everyday life, we are used to constantly be overpowered by mistakes. It doesn’t matter where do we come from or which culture raised us. The psychology remains the same. Don’t start something if you are not going to finish it. Don’t start if you are not the best. Don’t plan if you haven’t planned every single step ahead.

The truth behind this theory is rather simple. At some point in our life, we all think we are not good enough. We crawl and feel desperate because there is nothing that can help us. Nothing we can learn or do to make world a better place, there is nothing better we can come up with since we are not enough by the nature of things. There are so many people that are doing the same thing, some of them are great, some of them are not. Why would you even bother and try? Right?

But the first step to making something happen is to

Distance yourself from the negativity

It is not the point to be positive. Too much positivity leads to various different, primarily negative outcomes. People don’t like when other people are simply too enthusiastic, as well as too depressed. It would be the best if you could find a middle. To be hopeful, but also objective and realistic. Not to be mediocre. You should do everything in the best way you can, but find your inner peace in order to get hope you need.

75% fiasco

My philosophy about startups is: “If the project can grow profitable, get it out and work it on” – even if you make mistakes. Those mistakes will teach you valuable lesson, Casper Ravn-Sørensen.

Okay, so you tried and you, well, kind of failed. Okay, you’ve failed a lot. Out of 100% income you could have gotten, you have lost 75% after a year. And so what? Are you gonna cry now? Are you gonna give up everything since you didn’t get everything you expected? Is it realistic to expect everything from a project? Is it realistic to expect everything from people? Sometimes is happens that you trust your family but they fail you and they didn’t even mean to do it?

The same thing is with projects.

25% of success

You may be thinking that it is just some optimistic, “glass is half full” view to life. But you’ve had the experience you needed precise at that point, you know what to do next, you will figure it out and make the best of it. That is the perspective you should seek for.