Is being an innovation leader something anyone can become?

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If you are asking yourself who is responsible for increasingly dynamic business environment, here is the answer – innovation leaders!

Who is an innovation leader and how did he become one?

While growing up, you could certainly see that some people are different from all the rest. They are called “born leaders”. There is a high possibility that they are going to become entrepreneurs. They have a strong urge to gather the people around some goal and they are masters in organizational and communication skills. But are they also innovators?

Being innovative in your business environment

Even though being a leader is the crucial thing in entrepreneurship, there are also some skills of innovation you are to have. And it’s usually detained and introverted people that have those skills. That doesn’t mean that entrepreneurs are persons with a special gene that have both leadership and innovation skills. Casper Ravn-Sørensen would say that everything can be learned if you start soon enough. That is why he prefers young entrepreneurs that are open enough to start their own business, risk everything and on the way, learn valuable entrepreneurial lessons.

How to reach innovation? Here are a few tips to learn:

  1. Ask in order to reach innovative spirit that you want to achieve

It is all about asking the right questions to the right people. At first, while growing up, we are asking our mom and dad. They are giving us the answers that are helping us build up into the person we are today. Right? Afterwards, we are asking our teachers through our educational period. We are asking things we are interested in, and in that way, we are building our professional persona. While finishing school, we are asking ourselves what we want to do further, to develop and complete. And even compete.

One of the things that meant so much to me is the ability and desire to make things happen. My own power is the power of asking things. I would ask many times, different questions in different ways, depending on which persons I am asking. Everything in order to achieve what I had in mind. People around me soon learn that it is best for everyone to give and return information and help on time.

And maybe it is with those questions that you are soon to find out what you actually want. And change the course of your career, and maybe even your life.

  1. Being an observer

Most people think that entrepreneurs only act and do not observe. But it is completely the opposite! Being an entrepreneur means listening and observing at the same time. And then being able to exclude yourself from the daily routine in order to find different answers to previously posed questions. Finding a way of representing yourself and your idea. The vast majority of (successful) entrepreneurs have learned that listening and observing the environment is the right way of handling business. And why is that?

The answer lies in their communication with customers! The most successful people never stop exploring their audience and their way of being.

What do they want now? What will they want next? How to improve the business in order to get close to the customers?

Those are all the questions they pose to themselves and their customers on daily basis.

  1. Experiment your way to success

True entrepreneurs are not just leaders and observers. Most of them are not born with experimental entrepreneurial skills. But they have learned that the best way in finding the best solution to some problem is experimenting. They are not afraid of taking risks and trying out new things that haven’t been tried out before. And why is that?

Well, they know that it simply isn’t possible to get to the unique solution without trying out something new. They know that they have to combine the ways of doing business and they know that through experimenting the possible and impossible, they are going to come to the end result which involves happy customers and the detachment from the competition. They know that it is the only way to uniqueness.

  1. Finding the right persons that share the same spirit as them

Innovators are constantly on search for fresh ideas and fresh blood. As Casper Ravn-Sørensen who is trying to find new people that would share their ideas with him. And in that way, new possibilities come up. He can also help out by mentoring those young entrepreneurs. He can show them that they shouldn’t be afraid of taking risks, being transparent and open towards the world and internalization.

Being able to help talented young entrepreneurs with my network, knowledge and money has become my mission. As an investor I decided to reach out to young entrepreneurs, and help them grow successful businesses. I like young entrepreneurs; they hold a better understanding of modern technology and how it can change the business game.

About Dotcom-Capital

Therefore, together with my partner Mads Emil Fast Dahlerup we founded Dotcom-Capital. The company will offer different kind of resources; knowledge, experience, networks and capital that will help many businesses get out from the ground.

That is why his idea is that entrepreneurs are not born. They are taught in the same way that Casper Ravn-Sørensen is. If you think that you have an urge of innovating things and changing the world for the better, you are more that welcome to contact him, or read more about his projects on the following links:



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