Founder of Dotcom-Capital (jun 2016 – today)

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Founder of Dotcom-Capital

Dotcom-Capital helps startup companies grow. DotCom-Capital has got it is name because this company mainly focus on online companies. Projects that we invest in is preferred to be in the same industry as I work with today or at least have a synergy to what i am involved in today. Companies I seek for are some who need funding or need some of the ressources that i have access to from other projects.

Get help to get your startup company to grow

Combining venture capital with an active business angel we can help taking your dotcom (or .xyz) project to the next level.

We only invest and/or engage in online projects and preferably in the early phase of the project. This is to make sure we spend our resources where we are good and can capitalize together with you and your project.

If you are looking for cash, brains or both, you have come to the right place. We call it intelligent money. Visit the page and read more: