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What is disruptive innovation – a guide for a young entrepreneur

Chistiane Jensen Experience

Supposing you are a young entrepreneur discovering his possibilities online. Among many words that pop up, you get to the word – innovative disruption. Sounds a bit illogical. What is it exactly?

Let us first start by explaining what disruption is. According to Wikipedia, it may refer to:

  • A disruptive physician

A physician whose obnoxious behaviour upsets patients or other staff)

  • Disruption (adoption)

As the term for the cancellation of an adoption of a child before it is legally completed, or

  • A cell disruption

As a method or a process in cell biology for releasing biological molecules from inside a cell

In any case, while reading the terms explained above, one could consider disruption as something rather negative, destroy-able and not too creative.

Why is then the term disruption so popular in the business world?

In his book The Disruption Dilemma, Joshua Gans mentions one of the first definitions of the disruption in the business world. The definition is from Schumpeter, from his book Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, where he is explaining disruption as “creative destruction”.

What would that mean in entrepreneurship nowadays?

If we consider the term “creative destruction” as valid, a young entrepreneur should constantly urge to destroy his idea over and over again in order to better it. Joshua Gans adds:

Creative destruction is a wonderfully counterintuitive term that many parents would associate with a child at play, learning about the world by tearing it (physically) apart.

So, to conclude – the consequence of the destruction is practically some sort of innovation.

And what is exactly disruptive innovation?

Disruptive Innovation is a form of social, technological, commercial and humanistic alteration that spearheads creativity with a revolutionary approach in every sphere of our lives. It is the introduction of ‘change’ that forces the creation of a new market and induces a powerful ‘value proposition’. Not all innovations are disruptive, even if they are revolutionary. To be truly ‘disruptive’ in what you do, you have to overwhelm the ‘existing’ mode of how something is being done.

In other words, to be truly disruptive in your business, you should:

  • Be ready to take risks
  • Get to the conclusions and make serious decisions fast and prompt
  • Be open to new things
  • Not be afraid of negative reviews
  • To be a bit shameless in your approach to problem solving

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