Creating a company while still being enrolled at the University?

Chistiane Jensen Experience

We all know how University days really look like. You go to your lessons, do your part-time job to be able to pay your rent, and your days go by. Every weekend you are spending time with your friends, drinking in bars and talking about the meaning of life. Of course, you get to spend some wonderful nights, and meet a lot of people that think the same as you do. Or people you know you will not want to see ever again.

But then, you get yourself thinking. What am I doing with my life? I have so many ideas of kick-ass projects in my head, and I did absolutely nothing to make them alive.

Then you remember you’ve got bills to pay, exams to pass.

And it becomes again your routine.


Don’t think so much about the negative side of your idea

There are pros and cons if you should start a business while studying. It will be much harder, and will definitely take your concentration away from study, but you will learn much more and get more practice in the meantime. You will be motivated to deepen certain topics that will eventually help you in your business process. Therefore, you will succeed more if you will choose to study and work on yourself. What do you have to lose? You don’t have anything yet, and the worst case would be just to go back to what you are doing now.

As Casper Ravn-Sørensen, the angel investor said in the previous passage, just get to work on your idea. You will certainly find your way through everything in the meantime. You are still young, and presumably don’t have any obligation to anyone. But even if you do. Isn’t it better to risk it now and don’t regret later. Doesn’t the fact of not ever being ready to try something different scare you? Well I think it does. Just get out of your comfort zone and do it.

Face the challenges

As I mentioned before business will take your concentration from your school routine. But the business world teaches you to be multitasker, to get out of your comfort zone, work hard to put everything on the table. There are many challenges you will encounter and many distractions. You just have to put yourself together, to always push yourself forward, keep your priorities straight and you are going to succeed. Even if during your studies, your business will not go the way you imagined, you are going to handle it afterwards and succeed.

Just believe in yourself and your qualities. If you have come to this site and started reading about investors and startups then you are already just a step away of making your “thing” become real.

Discover yourself through the entrepreneurship process

Based on my experience, it’s stressful and requires a huge amount of time invested. I would say that it’s hard to combine both business and study. But you will figure it out, you will have to think strategically and find a solution that will fit your case. Nowadays, young people are encouraged to take a year off from school to travel and discover themselves. There are many opportunities to discover your potential, take many challenges and just do whatever your heart and mind dictates you to do.