A young entrepreneur – time management and enhancing productivity

Chistiane Jensen Experience

In today’s world, it is really hard to organize your life. It always seems like we need a few hours more in a day. Especially as a young entrepreneur. Casper Ravn-Sørensen would advise a few things for all the young entrepreneurs, but also the entrepreneurs-to-be, that are reading his blog. Stop being a perfectionist We know it is hard for you to not think too much about everything. To not think about whether something is …


Casper Ravn-Sørensen on physical activities for young entrepreneurs

Chistiane Jensen Experience

If you already are an entrepreneur or you eager to be one, you are probably aware of all those busy days. You know that you will need days where you would need to be totally concentrated and focused fully on all the obligations the life of an entrepreneur bears. It is completely understandable that, at some point of your life, physical activities are less important than everything else that happens around you. Nevertheless, your health …


The new perspective – 25% success rather than 75% fiasco

Chistiane Jensen Experience, Social media

In everyday life, we are used to constantly be overpowered by mistakes. It doesn’t matter where do we come from or which culture raised us. The psychology remains the same. Don’t start something if you are not going to finish it. Don’t start if you are not the best. Don’t plan if you haven’t planned every single step ahead. The truth behind this theory is rather simple. At some point in our life, we all …


Creating a company while still being enrolled at the University?

Chistiane Jensen Experience

We all know how University days really look like. You go to your lessons, do your part-time job to be able to pay your rent, and your days go by. Every weekend you are spending time with your friends, drinking in bars and talking about the meaning of life. Of course, you get to spend some wonderful nights, and meet a lot of people that think the same as you do. Or people you know …

alpha57 - Casper Ravn-Sørensen

Partner and CEO of Alpha57 (feb 2012 – today)

adminCRavnME Affiliate Marketing, Experience

Partner and CEO of Alpha57 Alpha57 work with a team of online media consultants. We mainly work with lead generation, affiliate marketing and online concept development. Online marketing and lead generation I help small and large advertisers with there media buying in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. Through my large network I have build over the years I can guarantee a large reach and a guarantee for my clients that they will get new …


Partner and Investor of Gate2Payments (jun 2015 – today)

adminCRavnME Affiliate Marketing, Experience

Partner and Investor of Gate2Payments Gate2Payments is a leading payment solution for small, medium and enterprise businesses. We have the highest level of PCI compliance (level 1). Global payments platform At Gate2Payments we are working with our partners to offer the very best of payments globally. Therefore our platform is truly global and can support, 240 card acquirers, over 220 alternative payment methods in 161 countries worldwide. Furthermore this is in local currency using local payment …


Founder of Dotcom-Capital (jun 2016 – today)

adminCRavnME Affiliate Marketing, Experience

Founder of Dotcom-Capital Dotcom-Capital helps startup companies grow. DotCom-Capital has got it is name because this company mainly focus on online companies. Projects that we invest in is preferred to be in the same industry as I work with today or at least have a synergy to what i am involved in today. Companies I seek for are some who need funding or need some of the ressources that i have access to from other …

Media Denmark

Partner at Media Denmark ApS (dec 2006 – jun 2012)

adminCRavnME Affiliate Marketing, Experience

Partner at Media Denmark ApS Partner at Media Denmark. Online marketing. The company behind the scandinavian affiliate network – an Affiliate network located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Affiliate network The Affiliate network had a global reach. Specialized in making different online solutions and being able to meet the high volume lead requirements from the clients.

IQ Media

Partner at IQ Media (dec 2007 – apr 2012)

adminCRavnME Affiliate Marketing, Experience

Partner at IQ Media Affiliate Marketing company. Specialized in email marketing and lead generation. Lead generation and e-mail marketing Key focus is on the Scandinavian market. IQ Media can reach out to many other european countries when it comes to lead generation and email marketing.