Casper Ravn-Sørensen on personal and professional side in business

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To which extent can we be professional, without showing our private side? Does being private mean not showing off our personality? How to be professional and private on social media?


Being professional


If you are an entrepreneur-to-be, you sure are concerned about showing of your professional side. Are you going to say something wrong? Or not be able to finish a certain job since you will get confused and turn out scared. Do you think that, by challenging yourself to start a business, you have to turn out professional in all of the fields, at any time?

Well, that is not true. Being professional is a part of the exercise. You will have to work on your confidence and the knowledge you have in order to be as professional as you can.


As we know that a work/life balance is key for your everyday life. A personal/professional balance is also important in your everyday life. How you can achieve a good personal/professional lifestyle takes a bit of work, it’s important that you know who you are friends with on the social media, and how a post might affect them positive/negative. If you say/post something from a private and personal perspective, you have to be 100% certain, that it can’t backfire to your professional life. If you’re not sure, don’t post it.


Personal stuff


Of course, you can read and hear all the time how entrepreneurs have to personalize their approach to people. It doesn’t matter if those people are their colleagues, customers or workers. But bear in mind that there is a difference between being personal and personalizing the approach.


  • Personalizing the approach to people means showing that you are an actual human being, that you are a person that understands and listens when being spoken to. It means showing that you care.
  • Personal sometimes means going too far in saying what happens in your life. For example, if you are an entrepreneur, it is not so likely that you will talk about how much drinks you had last night or if you spent a night with someone. Let alone are you going to post some of those stuff on your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.


Personalizing and professionalizing on Facebook


Of course, as an entrepreneur, you will have to be active on social media. And why is that?

Well, it is utmost important for you to show the world who you are. With a huge success of Facebook, people started posting their life stories on the platform. There are so many possibilities now, from posting the photos of what you are eating and how you are feeling, to actually putting a smiley according to your feelings some post have brought. You can put a “heart” smiley if you love the post, or the “wow” smiley if something you’ve seen or have read has surprised you.


Considering all these information, is Facebook the right place to show the professional side? Actually not any more. Facebook is the place where you can reveal a bit of your personality and free time, whilst there is another platform for your professional self.


What about personalizing on LinkedIn?


It is more relevant to show your professional side on LinkedIn, whereas on Facebook, you would be able to have your closest friends. The truth is, since LinkedIn is made as a networking and job finding platform, it is only natural that you are going to be professional on that platform. But still, don’t take it way too far. Personalize your posts and try to sound less automatic. People want to talk and read from a person, not a robot. Automation is never the answer!


If you, as a young entrepreneur, think that presence on social media is the best way to try out new ways in which you are operating then go for it! Experiment, but always bear in mind a few tips from the post. And Casper Ravn-Sørensen can help you in guidance and all the probable questions that you have. Feel free to contact him personally!