Casper Ravn-Sørensen – being a millennial and working with them

Chistiane Jensen Experience

When Casper Ravn-Sørensen was a young entrepreneur in his twenties, he didn’t know anything about a term – millennials. He never bothered whether the people his generation made money or not. The only thing he was concentrated on was his desire. A desire to make something that is his and that will change the world in a certain sense!

Today, Casper Ravn-Sørensen is involved in various marketing, investment and loan projects. He has to work numerous hours a week to keep track on his projects development. But still, he wants to help other young entrepreneurs who are in need for a loan or a mentorship. Entrepreneurs he mainly works with are millennials. And being a millennial himself, there are some points of view he would like to single out when it comes to doing business with millennials.

Millennials are Tech-Savvy

In the book Gen y Now: Millennials and the Evolution of Leadership, author clearly distinguished 8 key skills millennials have that separates them from older generations. One of the first skills is millennials being tech-savvy which is completely understandable considering they were born with an access to computers and internet which makes them better and faster in overcoming certain tasks on a working place.

Millennials as young entrepreneurs hold a better understanding of internet as a game changer in entrepreneurship. The only thing one needs is an internet connection and thus one can make a whole empire; make a project and advertise it.

Millennials are diverse

Diversity is one of the most common features of millennials. Besides living with people in their towns which show a high level of diversity, millennials are known to travel more than their parents and grandparents and that is why they are not only accustomed to diversity, it is their way of life. By being able to grasp the complexity of diversity and being able to show respect and understanding to all the races and religions, it makes them easier to do business with and more confident and respectful on the workplace.

Millennials understand global marketplace and think globally

From the invention of internet, generations that have been brought up by internet culture (millennials) are more internationally oriented than other generations. They just do not understand the concept of a society that is not global and international. And besides that, they are more prone to travelling and finding out new interesting things that happen in other countries (of course, Internet is at least partially responsible for that.

Good self-esteem and ambition of millennials

Is one of the best things you can encounter on the working place. As co-workers, they will not wait for someone to do their job. They won’t be passive in their working environment, but on the contrary, they want to contribute with their own ideas. They don’t want to be passive, and if they see the purpose, they will be more passionate and ambitious than other generations. Millennials are, as all other generations, known to have a certain goal in their heads. But they are somewhat different than generations before since their goal has to have a purpose! It can be a purpose that is related to development of science, or to social anthropology, or to any other possible thing. But they are the generation that wants to cooperate and collaborate to get to the certain goal.

Millennials have a life experience that makes them customer oriented

Since they were little children, they’ve had opportunities to decide what they will buy. To choose one thing from the wide offer of things (starting with toothpaste, to the brand of shoes). That is why they have a certain life experience in being a customer which makes them more customer oriented than any generation before. They own a customer understanding which is utterly important in today’s world where any startup or a project has to be directed to customer satisfaction and customer’s way of thinking.

Millennials are problem solvers

Doing business with millennials and being a millennial himself, Casper Ravn-Sørensen firmly believes that they are problem solvers. But in a unique way. Given the fact that their education can be alternative (Khan Academy), they approach to knowledge themselves, they are not limited by college education or to what their teachers tell them since they can access various information by themselves. That is why they are unique problem solvers since they use different sources and points of view before they reach any conclusion.

Multitasking and making an impact

Considering millennials are the generation that grew up with messaging, they are considered generation of multitaskers. They need less time to answer the mail or a call, and even less time to chat with their friends in the meantime. They are capable of doing everything. But millennials are also a generation of influential people. They all have profiles on various social and business networks, and they are aware of the fact that, what they say can impact other people. They know how much it is important.

Working with millennials is not a hard thing considering their broad-mindedness and internationality. If you are a young millennial entrepreneur, feel free to contact Casper Ravn-Sørensen if you need an advice or mentorship, or read his blog to find out more about his projects and ideas.