Is your idea of a project scalable and are you interdependent enough?

Chistiane Jensen Social media

It is hard to think of the ways in which you would make your company scalable. You have the plain idea of what should be done in order to get the whole process working. You have come to know your market and customers. But how to make the company scalable?

Casper Ravn-Sørensen unfortunately says that not every type of business is scalable. If you would like him to invest in you, he would prefer that you hold a possibility of scalable business in your hands.

But what is scalability exactly?

My definition would be that it is a company that has the potential to increase revenue with minimal incremental costs.

Now think about it. Is there some way that your project can achieve this goal?

What parameters should you take into consideration while measuring the projects ability to scale up?

Interdependent rather than independent

It is true that your project is unique. You have that thought that you are willing to put out and show it to the world and by that, actualize yourself. It is true that business projects should be independent in that way. But being interdependent actually brings a certain type of scalability. In order for your company to develop, you should also consider it to be interdependent. In what way, you would ask?

Well, first you should get to know the market you want it sold to. You should in a way, read their minds. And then take the role they are willing to buy and adjust to the market. At the same time bearing in mind the individuality of the product or project.

Maybe it looks silly but people like to be understood, you should bring your product close to your customers and make them strive for more.

Don’t be afraid to be online

The other thing that is utterly important for the business’ scalability is being online. If you are not online today, it’s as if you do not exist. Pay attention to what Casper says about making a business scalable through getting connected to people through social media:

Yes, I believe the Internet changed the game. With today’s opportunities you can succeed with less resources than ever before. It is possible to build up a community of customers without lots of expenses, what you need is Internet connection. You have of course to invest a lot of hard work, time and effort. But I believe now there are many opportunities available for young entrepreneurs. There are many ventures, investors – business angels ready to hear you pitching, many funds you can apply, competitions such as Kickstarter, and similar.

If you are ready to take the things to a whole other level and apply, feel free to contact Casper Ravn-Sørensen and maybe get some new ideas and heads-up as well.