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Are you waking up every morning with a huge desire to actualize a project or a product? Do you constantly use the sentence “All I need is an original idea, I am passionate and organized enough”?

If you answered yes, then you are not an entrepreneur, you are a “wantrepreneur”.

Can you even become an entrepreneur now?

The main difference between those two terms is that entrepreneurs actually have built up something meaningful and already are changing the world.

“Wantrepreneur” is a person that is eager for money and success and thinks that, if he/she constantly repeats that they will succeed, eventually it will happen. Well, life is not so easy.

  1. Being passionate

Yes, it is one of the most important things, the spirit in you as a person.

As Casper Ravn-Sørensen says:

Owning a company gives you the opportunity to work for yourself, in a field you enjoy. Working in an industry you are passionate about and with people who give you the confidence and optimism to keep moving forward. You have the power to create the company culture and control how active your company is growing. Owning your own business allows you to contribute, which also gives you personal satisfaction. Having your own business is risky, but with risk come reward. 

But, as you can see, real entrepreneurs take everything in their own hands, and passion for the work being done is just added to the whole “entrepreneur package”. Entrepreneurs are, by their nature, interested in business in general. Their purpose is to work, to think of new things and new ways and to be a kind of inspiration for other people. “Wantrepreneurs” are just persons who are admired by entrepreneurs but without real passion for the entrepreneurial process.

Not being afraid of failure

  1. Be ready to take risks

Entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks and to move forward even if a lot of people say something is a lost cause and not worth it. “Wantrepreneurs” are afraid of even starting their own business since they are anxious to do something wrong. They are not sure of their own strengths and are too insecure when it comes to their weaknesses. You would never see an entrepreneur who is unsure of what he is saying. They have enough knowledge and strength for what they are doing, but are also not stubborn and are willing and well prepared to take advises from other people.

If the project can grow profitable, get it out and work it on – even if you make mistakes. Those mistakes will teach you valuable lesson. Even with a solid business plan, the market can cause your business to lose money or run an unprofitable project. You have to be prepared for that risk.

  1. Purpose mindset instead of job mindset

There are a lot of people in this world and we are all diverse in a lot of ways. One of the ways is the mindset according to the job one does. What does that actually mean?

Different kinds of people on the workplace

Well, for starters, there are a lot of people whose only care is to get money from the work they are doing. They are not interested in promotions and in some extra knowledge. Most of them are willing to do a 9 to 5 work, go home and continue living their lives. They are happy with vacations and an hour break on the working day; and most of all, they are happy to participate in team buildings but but not necessarily in something more. And it is okay.

The other type of persons are the ones with huge ambition. Those were presumably the geeks in the class who just want to rank higher in the company they’re working for. They are not so interested in salary or in knowledge as it is. The position they are taking is what is important to them and whether they will get more job opportunities according to the current position.


The third type is mainly focused on the purpose of the working place and the purpose of their role. Many speculate that millennials may be a generation of persons that are seeking for the meaning of it all. According to the article, the majority of millennials are the ones that want to work smarter and not more, and that want to have enough time in their hands to be with their families and friends. Those types of people, focus mainly on the purpose of working life, and are actually entrepreneurs to be.

So, if you think that a business with purpose would fulfill you mentally and if you think that you are strong and motivated enough to get around any obstacle and risk, you should contact Casper Ravn-Sørensen since he is ready to help you with anything you would wish.

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