Casper Ravn-Sørensen on the culture of leadership

Chistiane Jensen Experience, Investment

If we look up in the dictionary, the definition of a leader is, as follows – the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.

But what is one similar thing to all the leaders other than leading?

It is – commitment to a cause.

And why is that? What actually makes leader a leader?

Leaders are persons who impose their own values and assumptions on the group. If they manage to impose those values and if the group accepts it under any circumstances, then the leader is true. The group usually reacts the most when they have a certain cause connected to what they are doing. If they see that their leader is committed to the cause, then they will follow his ideas and his assumptions.

So, a leader is a person that created a certain culture inside of the group and around the goal. A leader is a person that is committed to a certain cause or an issue and transmits his commitment to all the members of the group.

But what happens if the culture of the company has to change?

Imagine doing business for, let us say, 5 years. And then something changes in your customers’ structure. Their habits or desires change. They want your product or service to change.

And what are you to do?

  • Should you stick to your own, original plan?
  • Should you make changes according to your customers?

Of course that you should make changes and adapt according to your customers!

As the group runs into adaptive difficulties, as its environment changes to the point where some of its assumptions are no longer valid – one has to prove the leadership culture skill one more time.

Leadership represents afterwards:

  • the ability to step outside the culture that the leader created and to start evolutionary change processes that are more adaptive
  • the ability to perceive limitations of one’s own culture and to evolve the culture adaptively

This is actually the essence and ultimate challenge of leadership. Being able to change the climate of the group and the culture of the group in order to bring benefits to both you and your consumers can be considered a sort of art.

Leaders or founders are those individuals who prevail, who can influence the group to adopt a certain approach to the problem.

What brings to the social validation of the leader by the group?

It’s a certain common action of the group that brought positive outcome. If the group saw what their leader advised. If they saw how well it worked – social validation of the leader is close. The most important thing that a leader can do is to stay tough and committed. It is only in that way, the group is going to appreciate and respect the leader in all the situations that are to follow.

If you have any more questions or need an advice or two on leadership, then Casper Ravn-Sørensen is an entrepreneur and an angel investor that is ready to listen to you!